Monday, March 27, 2023

Winged Fiber

Typical PP WINGED FIBERS 340HEPA Corporation has helped develop a cutting-edge product made with a patented, non-glass media, named Winged Fiber™.  HEPA filters with Winged Fiber™ technology are the newest solution to the soaring operating costs and increasing demands of clean air environments. Winged Fiber™ is a polypropylene polymer with 160,000 times the surface area of a glass fiber, allowing it to reach HEPA grade efficiencies with the resistance of ASHRAE filters while achieving 2-1/2 times the loading capacity of glass HEPA media.

Winged Fiber™ HEPA filters are ideal for any application demanding increased efficiency, lower resistance, and/or reduced operating costs without the burden of HVAC equipment modification or replacement.  This exciting new product presents an excellent opportunity to also reduce infectious disease rates, meet LEED certification, use in high humidity applications,  and solve those difficult high-efficiency/low pressure drop situations such as whole house filtration systems.  These aluminum separator style filters are available in a variety of frame materials, and all standard sizes and depths, with custom sizes available.


Winged Fiber 11-1/2" Deep - Performance (PDF)

Winged Fiber 5-7/8" Deep - Performance (PDF)

Winged Fiber 11-1/2" Deep - Dust Loading (PDF)

Winged Fiber 5-7/8" Deep - Dust Loading (PDF)


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