Saturday, February 04, 2023

HEPA 100™

photo stealth 100 2HEPA 100™ Fan Filter Units are the high volume, energy saving choice for all applications where initial cost is the determining factor. Advanced HEPA 100™ technology allows these units to last over two times longer than other units, require only 100 watts at full speed and run at 90 FPM while providing 99.99% filtration efficiency. Nominal noise level is 60-64 dbA at 90 FPM. The variable speed control allows the user to fine tune airflow to suit specific requirements. A variable frequency drive, remote operation or addressable controllers can be added. Available in 18"x18" and larger modules, units are UL approved with standard 115V, 230V or 277V motors (other input voltages are optional). HEPA 100™ Fan Filter Units are suitable for all applications, including cleanroom upgrades, new construction, in OEM equipment and anywhere additional ducting or air handling equipment is not desired. The HEPA 100™ can be designed to accommodate conventional T-Bar grid, gel channel grid or HEPA Corporation's own Q3-4000 GRIDLESS® Ceiling Filter System.

  • 99.99% @ .3 Micron
  • 100 Watts Nominal
  • 215 BTU/hr
  • 675 CFM@90FPM (23.625x47.625)
  • 60 dbA Dead Room
  • 64 dbA Live Room
  • Extended Life Filter Lasts Twice as Long

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