Saturday, February 04, 2023

Pharmadix Cleanroom


Pharmadix and Imulsa chose HEPA Corporation's Q3-4000 Gridless® Filter Ceiling System for their cleanroom.

The Q3-4000 Gridless® Filter Ceiling System does not require a grid and the filters are installed from the room side using only nut drivers. The filters, flush lighting, and fire suppression system are locked into the supplied channel which was suspended from the ceiling. The installation at Pharmadix also incorporated HEPA Corporation’s ChallengerTM fan filter units and PERMA-HOOD® Roomside Replaceable system which included gel channel filters - all installed from the roomside! The PERMA-HOOD® Roomside Replaceable filter’s simple snap-in/snap-out mechanism allows change-outs in seconds, keeping room downtime to a minimum.