Saturday, February 04, 2023


HEPA-PLUS 7 5Here's a real plus for high velocity or low velocity applications. HEPA-PLUS® takes deep pleat air filtration technology to levels way beyond other filters. HEPA-PLUS®, a HEPA Corporation exclusive, is a deeper, longer life mini-pleat pack. This versatile, high capacity performer will out-distance similar filters while adhering to HEPA and ULPA standards.

Here is the HEPA-PLUS® advantage:

  • 2000 CFM @ 1.30" WG with a minimum efficiency of 99.97+% in a 24"x24" filter. 100 FPM @ 0.22" WG in a 24"x24" filter.

  • Upgrade from HEPA to ULPA with no additional operating costs and little or no equipment changes.

  • Lower energy cost per filter in new or existing cleanroom designs.

DOP, PSL, scan and/or laser efficiency tested as required.

*Factory tested at 2000 CFM on production filters - not extrapolated from 1000 CFM test flow.


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